Ponmalai , once upon a time many Sandle trees are in this hills. Approximately 700 years before this temple constructed by the king of mysore.The reason of constructed is .

More than 700 years back divan was lived in mysore maharaja palace.he was suffered illness in his leg.Many "vaithiyargal" tried to solve his problem but no one can did it.At this time in divan dreams god muruga told come to velayuthaswamy malai and i will solve your problem .The very next day divan reached temple and met archagar. Archagar tried many times to solve his problem.

After that divan back to mysore and he explain everything to maharaja . he was unbelivable Suddenly maharaja told him to construct god muruga temple in this hills.At this time the hills controled in Puravipalayam palayakkararkal .After that mysore maharaja to gave this temple control.

The permenent trustees are like jameen families.